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Dongfeng Dolica spray truck (5 tons)

实际价格以销售经理报价为准! Manufacturer's Guide Price: (In Stock) The actual price is subject to the sales manager's quote!
Vehicle model: CLW5070GPSE5 Engine: Chaochai / Yunnei
Whether tax exempt: Yes Tank volume: 5 tons
Watering width: 14 meters Vertical suction: 8 meters
Water cannon head: 35 meters Wheelbase: 3308
Shanghai Tonnage: 4.06 Emission Standard: National IV / National V
Dimensions: 6340 × 1980 × 2800 (mm) Tire model: 7.00-16, 7.00R16
Multi-dimensional map display
Parameter configuration
The tank body of Dongfeng Dorica spraying truck adopts anti-corrosion treatment, spraying with high-tech nano paint, and is not corroded by drugs. It uses professional spraying machine and spray gun.
The tank of Dongfeng Dorica spray truck is oval or square, and is made of WISCO's high quality carbon steel plate. The tank water tank is divided into 2-3 rooms, and there is a through hole at the lower end of the partition in the tank, which has the function of preventing wave.
The special part of the spray truck is composed of tank, water pump, ball valve, water pipeline, sprinkler and other components. Water pumps, power take-off boxes, and ball valves are all nationally-designed products, which have the characteristics of good performance, reliable work, high pressure, large flow, and low fuel consumption.
For users with special requirements for spraying vehicles, Chengli can customize design and modification, such as: directional booster, air conditioner, adding medicine tray, pneumatic control valve, high pressure spraying equipment, non-vehicle pump power.
The spray truck can also be used for professional tank anti-corrosion and rust treatment. It can be used as a spray truck, with professional spray, spray, and level gauge devices, installation of drug trays, pneumatic valves, installation of professional atomization treatment systems, high-pressure spray. Medicine equipment, non-car with pump power, etc.

Main technical parameters of vehicle-mounted sprayer
喷雾流量 12-36L/min Matching power 6KW diesel generator set spray flow 12-36L / min
仰俯角度 -10°---90° Range horizontal: 30-35m vertical: 20m pitch angle -10 ° --- 90 °
作业效率 200-280亩/小时 Fog range 50-150um Operating efficiency 200-280 acres / hour

It is equipped with a special spray pump for diesel units, which provides a unique source of power for spraying. It has strong power, large air volume, long range, wide coverage, small mist particles, and can achieve precise spraying. The sprayed air can effectively turn plants. The blade makes the front and back sides receive the medicine, and has strong penetrating power and adhesion to the liquid, which can effectively save the amount of medicine and reduce pollution; the work efficiency is high.
Scope of application: city streets, stations and docks, school airports, public places, garbage sites, sanitation and epidemic spraying, sterilization, dust removal and temperature reduction; urban garden greening, wind and sand forest belts, farmland forest nets, highway green belts, flower belt road trees, Spraying grassland pastures to control pests
The fan is equipped with two DC nozzles that can be adjusted at 360 °, and the washing width can reach more than 25 meters. After adjusting the angle, it can also wash tall trees beside the road surface; it is equipped with two spraying and post-sprinkling devices, mainly for garbage The field roads are cleaned and dust-pressed, and the sprinkler width can reach more than 18 meters; the range of the anti-aircraft gun can reach more than 30 meters, and it can be adjusted into a mist or column for spraying. The spray truck also has a sprinkler function for urban sanitation and greening.
Dedicated performance
The vertical suction range is ≧ 7 meters, the sprinkler width is ≧ 14-16 meters, and the range is ≧ 28-30 meters. Front flush (spray), rear spray, side spray (shower), working platform with rear, green sprinkler cannons installed on the platform (cannon spray shape can be adjusted: straight, heavy rain, moderate rain, drizzle, fog, Continuous adjustment, 360 rotation), with fire interface, self-flow valve, filter screen, with self-priming and self-discharge function.
Tank structure
It is oval or square, made of WISCO's high-quality carbon steel plate, and a partition of 1.5 meters in the tank body, which has the function of preventing wave and vibration. Professional anti-corrosion and anti-rust treatment can also be carried out according to user requirements. The tank can be foamed or rock wool can be installed with an insulation layer for insulation.
Optional configuration  
It is equipped with a special diesel unit for spraying, which provides a unique source of power for spraying. The wind gun has a good atomizing effect. It can be equipped with advanced facilities such as medicine trays, pumps, multi-directional water inlet and outlet joints, pneumatic valves, and police lights to meet different requirements. User needs. International leading power sprayer reflects contemporary technological development and leads the industry standard for sprayer
The 70-year-old American company Tveran is synonymous with spraying machinery. The full line of production ranges from lawn spraying machines to large dual-fan spraying systems for large-scale operations. The products are widely used in orchards, field crops, golf courses, Nurseries, vineyards, vegetable planting, nut planting, municipal, sewer dredging, highway clearance, epidemic prevention and disinfection.
Basic configuration of spray truck  
Front flush and back spray, side spray, working platform behind the tank body, green sprinklers and pesticide spray cannons are installed on the platform. The spray guns and pesticide cans can be rotated in all directions and can be continuously adjusted into straight, mist, Heavy rain, light rain, drizzle. The spray gun has a good atomizing effect and can be sprayed remotely with a range of 20 meters. The vehicle is equipped with a high-power diesel engine, a three-phase AC synchronous generator, a three-phase asynchronous motor, a three-cylinder piston pump, and a fan and a cannon, which provide a dedicated power source and special equipment for pesticide spraying. And installed Hangzhou Weilong special sprinkler pump, the first in the national quality evaluation, to control the sprinkler system. The sprinkler pump can drain water, install a filter, with a fire protection interface, can enter the water through the fire hydrant, with a self-flow valve, and a 20-meter spray greening reel is optional with the vehicle.

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此款车型我公司已申报国家专用洒水车公告,可办理免税免交购置税上户使用,因洒水车专用组成部分、发动机配置不同,所以整车价格不同。 ☆: Our company has declared the national special water truck announcement, and can apply for tax exemption and exemption of purchase tax for household use. Due to the different components of the water truck and the engine configuration, the vehicle price is different. You can 澳门现金娱乐网投 before you buy a car, and we will give you the most suitable vehicle configuration and the best price for the sprinkler according to your needs.

为方便用户就近提车,我公司开展代理送车服务。 ☆: In order to facilitate the user to pick up the car nearby, our company provides an agent car delivery service.

手续及工具备品:车辆合格证、底盘合格证、机动车上户发票、保修手册、服务站名录、使用说明书、随车工具等。 ☆: Procedures and tool supplies: vehicle certificate, chassis certificate, motor vehicle home invoice, warranty manual, service station directory, instruction manual, on-board tools, etc.
相信您在这里能选择到最适合您的洒水车,我们将耐心细致的协助您! ☆: I believe you can choose the sprinkler that suits you best here, we will assist you patiently and carefully! Our pursuit is to provide you with the best service.

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